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A Tale of Two Legislatures

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Arizona and New Mexico may be neighboring states, but their legislatures’ methods for handling the pandemic couldn’t be further apart. The Republican-controlled Arizona legislature had to shut down after several GOP legislators met with Rudy Giuliani during his baseless election conspiracy tour and were potentially exposed to the coronavirus. Meanwhile, New Mexico’s Democratic legislature just held a special session to address unemployment and aid for those who have been hit hardest by the pandemic.

Arizona’s COVID-19 cases are hitting new highs daily, and instead of passing relief for their struggling constituents, Republicans are busy undermining the integrity of our elections. GOP House and Senate leadership ignored public health measures and met with Giuliani last week, with several legislators participating in the Trump legal team’s sham “hearing” about nonexistent voter fraud.

Across the border in New Mexico, Democratic majorities in the legislature came together for a special session and passed a sweeping COVID-19 relief bill in under eight hours. The legislation will provide funds to the unemployed, small businesses, and nonprofits, and includes money for testing, contact tracing, and a vaccine rollout.

“Coronavirus cases and unemployment are reaching record highs, but Republicans aren’t concerned with helping their constituents,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “The difference in the priorities of Democrats and Republicans are clear. While Democrats are passing desperately needed economic relief and public health funding, Republicans are spreading conspiracy theories and stroking the ego of a sore loser.”