Texas GOP Legislators Mislead the Public About State’s Energy Crisis

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WASHINGTON — After a devastating storm left millions of Texans without electricity in freezing temperatures, Texas Republicans are doing everything they can to deflect blame and bolster their political agenda. GOP elected officials and right-wing media have latched on to a lie that blames renewable energy sources for the catastrophe, a claim that has been thoroughly debunked. Texas Republicans are looking for any scapegoat to cover up their responsibility for the disaster.

The GOP has enjoyed complete control over the Texas government for two decades: this is their failure. Republican leaders were warned that the state’s electrical grid was vulnerable, but failed to take action to ward off a crisis. The disaster is a direct consequence of GOP policies. 

The growing list of Texas GOP legislators spreading misleading information about the cause of state’s energy crisis includes: 


“In the midst of an unmitigated disaster, Texas Republicans are more focused on spreading disinformation and scoring cheap political points than working to help their constituents,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Misleading the public about renewable energy isn’t going to turn back on the lights or restore running water. The GOP needs to learn to own their responsibility for this catastrophe and get to work helping their constituents.”