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RELEASE: The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee on Iowa Republicans’ Personhood Bill Threatening IVF Stalling in the Iowa Senate

Press Releases

Iowa Republicans tried to push through a dangerous bill but were stopped by Democrats holding them accountable; several personhood bills remain in states with Republican-controlled legislatures

WASHINGTON — Today, the Iowa Senate shelved a dangerous Republican-backed personhood bill that would have effectively criminalized causing the death of a fetus, despite concerns about how it might threaten access to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and contraception – Iowa Republicans helped shelve this bill only after it received widespread attention and amidst worries that it might affect them politically. 

Make no mistake: the only reason Republicans shelved this bill was because they feared the political consequences for Republicans nationwide, following the hard work of Iowa Democrats, the DLCC, and allies on the ground to amplify the dangers this legislation posed. Still, many personhood bills remain across the country, with Republicans introducing bills in several states during their ongoing 2024 sessions.  

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee National Press Secretary Sam Paisley issued the following statement:

“In a country full of Republican legislators trying to outdo each other in rolling back fundamental freedoms, this Iowa bill shows that if left to their own devices, Republicans will try to push personhood and other bills to control women’s bodies in virtually every state they possibly can. The only reason this bill was stopped was because of Iowa Democrats and heroic allies shining light on how this bill would have effectively outlawed IVF in the state, similar to what we saw in Alabama last month. Still, personhood bills have been introduced by many other Republicans in states across the country.

“Protections for IVF and other reproductive freedoms should be the law of the land. The best way to stop these attacks in 2024 is to build Democratic power in the states that will protect reproductive rights and family planning for every American. Our fundamental freedoms rely on it.”

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