The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee on the Latest Anti-Democratic Power Grab By North Carolina Republicans

Press Releases

Washington, DC – On Friday, North Carolina Republicans passed a major power grab which is likely to become law and will strip the state’s Democratic governor of the authority to appoint a majority of members to state and county election boards and give their supermajority legislature more power over how elections are run and certified. 

A reminder: with everything on the line, the DLCC is investing in states like North Carolina to break Republican supermajorities in legislatures and ensure that all votes are always counted – protecting our Democracy in the process. 

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Interim President Heather Williams issued the following statement:

“What we’re seeing out of North Carolina is a naked, partisan power play by North Carolina Republicans. In heavily gerrymandered states like North Carolina, the supermajority legislature has the power to override vetoes from Governors, enabling them to enact power-grabbing legislation just like we saw last week. That must change, and is a huge reason why the DLCC is investing in breaking supermajorities in states like North Carolina. 

“The extremism shown by North Carolina Republicans is what we see in state legislatures across the country. It’s time to get serious about the state level of government and ensure that Democrats win elections. Everything is on the line. We will fight back extremism at its source and continue to promote candidates that will fight to preserve our democratic values.”