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The GOP Pushes Anti-Black Agenda in the States

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The start of legislative sessions across the country has demonstrated that Republicans are leaving Black Americans behind while Democrats are championing bills that give all communities the opportunity to thrive. Whether it’s health care, public education, voting rights, or reasonable gun safety laws, Democrats are getting things done to ensure that no American is left behind. Republicans, on the other hand, are fighting a hateful culture war that threatens Black communities and our shared history as a country.

“The GOP’s anti-Black agenda in the states is leaving communities even further behind and tearing apart the fabric of our democracy,” said DLCC interim President Heather Williams. “Our democracy can only function when every American has an equal opportunity to vote, learn about our shared history, and access to the services they need to survive, but the GOP is trying to drag the country backward through their majorities in state legislatures. Democrats understand that Black Americans have fought harder for this democracy than anybody else, and while the GOP wants to divide us to give bailouts to their rich friends, we are stronger as united Americans standing together for a brighter future.”

Here is a sample of some of the heinous bills Republicans are championing in statehouses: 

Democrats in the states, on the other hand, are fighting for a slew of legislation that champions Black communities and allows all Americans to thrive: