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The GOP Won’t Tolerate People Who Tell the Truth in Their Ranks

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — US Representative Liz Cheney was kicked out of Republican leadership today for being one of the only members of the Republican Party willing to tell the truth about the 2020 election. At every level of government, the GOP has chosen its path forward and is committed to supporting Trump’s dangerous lies that led to a deadly insurrection. If you need more proof than just the Cheney ouster, look no further than Republican statehouses. From newly elected Oath Keepers like Senator Wendy Rogers in Arizona to long-standing conspiracy theorists in leadership like Majority Leader Mike Shirkey in Michigan, who sits on state legislative Republicans’ national executive board, statehouses are full of extremists.

“Republicans don’t just have a leadership problem in the halls of Congress. Right now, several state legislatures are being run by conspiracy theorists and are passing policies that have the most impact on Americans’ day-to-day lives,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee executive director Heather Williams. “At every level of government, GOP extremists have become the face of the party, bringing with them anti-democratic policies and no plans for making the lives of their constituents better. Instead of distancing themselves from right-wing fringe members, the mainstream Republican Party is embracing them and ousting their few members willing to tell the truth.”

Here are just a few examples of the radical right-wing lawmakers that are the face of the party in the statehouses:

The Republican Party has chosen its future, and they’re going with the conspiracy theorists.