Trump-Endorsed MI House Candidate Wants to Make Birth Control Illegal

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Trump-endorsed Michigan House candidate Jacky Eubanks committed to voting to ban birth control in the state legislature. In an interview with an ultra-conservative Christian news network, she agreed that if Roe falls, Republicans “are coming after your gay marriage next, are coming after your birth control after that,” wildly claiming that they are “outside of the Christian moral order” and lead to “chaos and destruction and a culture of death.” Today the DLCC called on the Michigan GOP and every Michigan Republican state legislative candidate to condemn this bigotry and commit to protecting birth control and marriage equality.

“Christianity is no excuse for bigotry and hate. In addition to banning abortion and birth control, Jacky Eubanks’ blatant discrimination against LGBTQ+ people is categorically unacceptable,” said DLCC vice president of communications Gabrielle Chew. “Michigan’s GOP has been stoking the flames of hate for years, supporting candidates further and further to the right, and now they find themselves with a hyper extreme party hell-bent on destroying our individual freedoms and imposing their religious beliefs on others. If the Michigan GOP and every Republican state legislative candidate fail to reject Eubank’s pledge to ban birth control and marriage equality, they are actively enabling hateful extremism.”

The GOP has an undeniable extremism problem that threatens the very security of our nation. Last week, a report showed that 872 Republican state legislators, which amounts to over 20% of all statehouse Republicans nationwide, are members of far-right Facebook groups. This includes 27 Republican state legislators in Michigan. Similar to Jacky Eubank’s bigotry, disinformation, and extremism, state Republicans across the country are turning the hate they spread online into policies that threaten our most fundamental liberties.