Trump Tells the Supreme Court to Get Rid of the Affordable Care Act

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WASHINGTON — 23 million Americans stand to lose care and 54 million Americans with pre-existing conditions will lose protections if the Supreme Court were to strike down the ACA and despite the public health crisis, that’s exactly what the Trump administration asked them to do. GOP lawmakers have always governed in lockstep with President Trump on health care and refused to take action to expand access to care, or to protect the ACA. It’s time for the GOP to make it clear whether they stand with their constituents or with Trump’s dangerous anti-health care agenda.

“GOP lawmakers attend Trump rallies, seek Trump’s endorsement and have followed his lead in governing every step of the way,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Unless these lawmakers tell us otherwise, it’s clear they stand for taking away care from their constituents and undermining pre-existing condition protections even in a global pandemic. If the GOP isn’t willing to stand up for health care during the worst public health crisis in a century, they don’t deserve to represent their communities.”

Coronavirus cases are rising in more than half of the states and almost half a million Americans who have lost their insurance due to the pandemic-induced economic shutdown have turned to the ACA to receive health care coverage. The long-term effects of COVID infection are unknown, making protections for those with pre-existing conditions crucial as we navigate the virus. With Trump leading the way, state Republicans have worked to block access to care and refused to increase ACA protections.

“The GOP owns this health care disaster at every level of the ballot,” added Post. “Republicans will continue to enable and support Trump — and by doing so they are condoning a massive effort to strip care from millions.”