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RELEASE: Trump Will Leave “Everything Up to the States,” Heightening Stakes of 2024 State Legislative Elections

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Donald Trump says he would let red states monitor women’s pregnancies and prosecute those who violate abortion bans; the best way to fight back is to elect Democratic majorities in state legislatures

WASHINGTON — In an exclusive interview with TIME, Trump once again reiterated the crucial stakes of the 2024 legislative elections saying, “I’m leaving everything up to the states” when it comes to abortion rights and other important issues. In Trump’s world, fundamental freedoms are on the line in state legislatures. 

Among other terrifying ideas, Trump said he would let red states handle every aspect of reproductive freedom– including monitoring pregnancies, prosecuting women who get abortions, and allowing states to consider fetal personhood legislation that threatens reproductive care like IVF. 

From TIME interview and transcript: 

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“Everybody agrees that 2024 is the most important year in state legislative campaign history, as states are on the frontlines of every fundamental freedom and major political issue that is at stake in November. Donald Trump laid out the stakes in the states clearly: State legislative elections in November will decide who has their fundamental freedoms protected, and Republicans are depending on their power in the states to secure the MAGA agenda. 2024 is the year of the states, and the contrast between Democratic and Republican leadership has never been so stark, and the stakes have never been higher. 

“As the official arm of the Democratic Party with the sole mission of building Democratic power in state legislatures and setting the national agenda at the state level, the DLCC is leading the fight to hold and flip state legislatures for Democrats across the country in 2024. Alongside winning at the top of the ticket, we must vote for Democrats up and down the ballot to protect fundamental freedoms and safeguard our democracy. States will continue to be a bulwark against Republicans’ MAGA agenda, and the DLCC is all in to win as many state legislative seats as possible in November.”

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is the official Democratic Party committee dedicated to winning America’s state legislatures and building state infrastructure. Over the last decade, we have fought cycle-over-cycle to gain a dozen new legislative chamber majorities and we are leading the effort to bring national attention and investment to our ballot level. State legislatures are the building blocks of our democracy and have the closest connections to Americans’ day-to-day lives. From protecting fundamental freedoms and voting rights to growing the middle class, the DLCC and state legislators are moving the Democratic agenda forward and shaping the future of this country.