Virginia Republicans Hide Their Extreme Anti-Abortion Views from Voters While Raking in Endorsements

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The right-wing Virginia March for Life took place on Friday, spreading dangerous anti-abortion rhetoric. Although Republican candidates John McGuire and Emily Brewer spoke at the March, many Republican candidates stayed away because they know that their views are too extreme for voters. Some Virginia Republicans have even erased their abortion positions from their websites. All of the Republican candidates in the most critical races have been endorsed by National Right for Life’s Virginia chapter, however, and they have been clear that given the opportunity they would ban abortion and defund Planned Parenthood

“It’s no surprise that Virginia Republicans are trying to hide their anti-abortion agenda from voters, despite supporting abortion bans,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “Abortion access is on the ballot this November and Republicans can’t shy away from their extreme views. The Virginia GOP has demonstrated time and time again that they are totally out of step with Virginians in the commonwealth, and that they would turn back the clock if given the majority.” 

Here is a list of the Republican candidates in the most critical races who have been endorsed by the Virginia affiliate of the major anti-abortion group National Right To Life: