WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Rorschach’s Virginia Districts

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WASHINGTON — With less than two weeks until Virginia’s General Assembly elections, Senator Elizabeth Warren is joining the fight to get out the vote in the commonwealth — where Democrats need to flip just two seats in each chamber to win control of the legislature. 

Warren recorded a series of videos with the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee on a campaign swing through Virginia — including one in which she interprets gerrymandered maps through a Rorschach test to show how Republicans abused their redistricting power in the General Assembly. 

Warren Does Gerrymandering Test

Senator Warren Takes the DLCC’s Gerrymandered Rorschach Test

“These Republican-drawn districts are so bizarre that I have been challenged to take a look at the districts and try to make a guess about what they were thinking when the Republicans drew them up,” Warren said. “If you don’t vote all the way down the ballot for people to represent you — for Democrats to represent you — Republicans are going to keep doing this stuff.”

House Republicans had their racially drawn gerrymandered maps thrown out earlier this year, making the already competitive House even more favorable to Democrats. 

Along with Senator Warren, 2020 Democratic presidential candidates including Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar have come to support Virginia Democrats so far this year. Vice President Joe Biden will be in the state on November 3. 

“Democrats are fired up and ready to flip the General Assembly blue in just two weeks,” said DLCC press secretary Matt Harringer. “Virginia Republicans wish they could invite their presidential candidate to stump for them — but they’ve built a wall at the DC border to keep Trump out.”

The latest public polling in Virginia shows Donald Trump’s approval rating at just 37 percent, causing a serious drag for this November’s Republican candidates.