WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: “Landslide” Victory in Alabama State House Race is a “Remarkable Feat” in “the Deep South” – And Could Provide a “Blueprint for Democrats Nationwide”

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WASHINGTON —  Last night, DLCC Spotlight candidate Marilyn Lands won a special election for the state House in Alabama’s battleground HD-10 in a shocking landslide. Trump won this district in 2020 and a Democrat hadn’t won the district in over a decade – yet Marilyn cruised to victory by a whopping 25 points. Rep.-elect Lands centered reproductive rights in her campaign – sharing her abortion story and centering her commitment to protect IVF access following the state supreme court’s ruling. 

The DLCC continues to win elections. We gained 4 chambers in 2022, we overperformed special elections by an average of 6 points in 2023, and we swept the 2023 elections. Now we’re off to 2024 with impressive gains in red, blue, and purple territory. This is the best winning streak in politics today and shows that fundamental freedoms are the most potent issue facing America today. 

This landslide victory in the heart of Republican territory illustrates the potency of IVF and reproductive freedoms for voters. Republicans in Alabama and across the country are losing ground and facing political repercussions for their attacks on fundamental freedoms. 

The next key special elections are in Michigan for the House majority on April 16th.

Here’s a roundup of what they’re saying since Marilyn’s landslide victory:

To chat more with Rep.-elect Marilyn Lands about her historic victory or the DLCC about the upcoming special elections calendar and how fundamental freedoms will carry us to victory in November, please contact the DLCC Press Team at [email protected]

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