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Wisconsin Republicans Pass Onslaught of Dangerous Legislation in First Week of Legislative Session 

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Preserving Governor Evers’ veto power is essential in the state of Wisconsin

WASHINGTON — The Wisconsin legislative session kicked off this week, and Republican extremism is on full display. Republican lawmakers in the Assembly passed two dangerous bills: one attacking LGBTQ+ freedom and undermining school curriculum, and another reducing gun safety. 

One bill passed along party lines would force teachers to out LGBTQ+ students to their parents and categorize lessons around race and gender as “controversial,” requiring parental review. The bill will soon be considered by the Senate, where the Republican supermajority will likely send this bill to the governor’s desk. 

A second GOP bill passed entirely along partisan lines would reduce transparency around gun sales. Specifically, the bill bans credit card companies from requiring firearms retailers to be categorized, thus giving law enforcement fewer tools to detect suspicious activity to prevent gun violence.

Republicans have a majority in the Assembly and a supermajority in the Senate, which has paved the way for an onslaught of MAGA extremist legislation. While Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has veto power to stop these dangerous bills from becoming law, Republicans are close to gaining supermajorities in both chambers to override his veto. Chipping away at Republicans’ stronghold over the legislature is essential to stop their crusade against fundamental freedoms, which is why both chambers are on the DLCC’s target map in 2024, regardless of how potential new maps unfold. 

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“Republicans in Wisconsin wasted no time this week in advancing their dangerous, backward agenda during the legislative session. From erasing LGBTQ+ identities in schools to loosening common-sense gun regulations, Republican legislation strips Wisconsinites of their core freedoms and safety. The DLCC is focused on building Democratic power in both chambers to prevent Republican supermajorities in both chambers, which would surely override Gov. Evers’ veto power to pass an onslaught of dangerous MAGA legislation. While we wait on new legislative maps that will hopefully correct for blatant GOP gerrymandering, the DLCC will continue to sound the alarm on  Republicans’ extremism and highlight how fundamental freedoms are at stake in 2024. Wisconsin is at the forefront of the battle for fundamental freedoms.”

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