Wisconsin Republicans Lay the Groundwork to Give Partisan Legislature Control over Election Results

Press Releases

WASHINGTON —  A report authorized by GOP Speaker Robin Vos urged the Wisconsin General Assembly to decertify Wisconsin’s 2020 election results and argued that the legislature could exert partisan control over future election results. The report brought before the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections comes without any shred of credible evidence and ignores the numerous analyses conducted by local, state, and federal governments that found no wrongdoing or irregularity during Wisconsin’s 2020 election. 

“Two years after the most secure election in American history, Republicans are still attempting to decertify the results and lay the groundwork to undermine future state and federal elections,” DLCC vice president of communications Gabrielle Chew said. “Any claim made by Republican lawmakers that disputes this fact is not only unequivocally false but is done in a blatant attempt to steal an election for the Republican Party after supporters violently attacked the Capitol and failed to deceive the courts.”

Republicans across the country have attacked the integrity of our democratic process and sowed baseless fears surrounding our elections. In Wisconsin, Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is doubling down on these efforts by authorizing this report that is filled with disproven claims of fraud and calls to give the state legislature more authority over future elections. The anti-democratic wing of the Republican Party is no longer “fringe,” but a defining characteristic of a party hellbent on shirking democratic norms and embracing authoritarian tactics to achieve favorable electoral outcomes.