ICYMI: Alabama State Democrats Are Spearheading Efforts to Protect IVF Access After Devastating State Supreme Court Ruling

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As Trump backtracks and calls on Alabama legislative Republicans to protect IVF, in reality, Alabama legislative Democrats are taking the lead

WASHINGTON —  In the wake of the dangerous Alabama state Supreme Court ruling that fertilized eggs have the same rights as children, the Alabama state legislature is now charged with deciding what the landscape of IVF access looks like in the state. As Trump backtracks on his own decisions that led to this dangerous ruling, he’s tried to paper over his anti-abortion record by calling on Alabama legislative Republicans to protect IVF. In reality, Alabama Democrats are on the frontlines of fighting their Republican counterparts’ long-running anti-abortion extremism  – from trying to protect IVF access to working to counter Republicans’ dangerous abortion ban. 

While Democrats work to create solutions that help Alabamians plan and grow their families, State Republicans are getting heat for passing one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country and creating a hostile environment for reproductive care that helped lead to this devastating ruling. 

“At the end of the day, the Republican Party has to be responsible for what they have done.” – Senate Democratic Minority Leader Bobby Singleton

Across the country, Republican attacks on reproductive freedom are reaching new extremes and state legislative Democrats have the power to defend these fundamental freedoms. Only solutions at this level of the ballot will solve the slew of problems that Republicans have created with attacks on reproductive health care. 

State legislatures are the true arbiters of reproductive rights and are the only ones who can rectify the wrongs made by GOP extremists in Alabama last week. 

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Press Secretary Sam Paisley issued the following statement:

“Republicans have dug themselves so deep into anti-reproductive freedom extremism that they’re now standing in the way of people looking to grow their families. While Donald Trump calls for a legislative solution to the problem he created, Alabama Democrats are at the forefront of protecting IVF access and the full spectrum of reproductive freedoms. While we’re outraged for every fertility patient in Alabama whose family planning is threatened, we’re not surprised because we know that Republicans have made this destruction and chaos their plan from the start. They own this. 

“GOP leaders across all levels of the ballot are trying to walk back attacks on IVF because they know their extremism is out of step with voters – but Republicans have been the sole assailants of attacks on reproductive freedoms. Voters won’t forget this, nor the state legislative Democrats who answered the call to protect reproductive rights of all kinds.”

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