DLCC Kicks Off the State of the States

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Though 2024 has just begun, Republicans in state legislatures across the country have wasted no time in passing dangerous laws that undermine fundamental freedoms. Only a few weeks into their legislative sessions, GOP lawmakers in the states have launched assaults on abortion access, LGBTQ+ rights, gun safety, and democracy– putting everything on the line in 2024.

The DLCC is committed to defending the core freedoms that state Republicans across the country have put in jeopardy and holding them accountable for their rampant extremism. To help track and make sense of the patchwork of GOP aggression across the country as well as the important work of our Democratic legislators and majorities, this week the DLCC is highlighting the top threats posed by Republicans in state legislatures across the country this month. 

GOP attacks on abortion

On the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, state legislatures are now on the frontlines of protecting abortion access after Dobbs reverted decisions around abortion access to the states. With many legislative sessions beginning this month, Republicans have shown they are doubling down and expanding upon the extreme abortion ban proposals they advanced last year. The post-Dobbs battle over this fundamental freedom has only just started and the states are the battleground.

GOP attacks on LGBTQ+ rights

Republicans in state legislatures have not slowed down the heinous attacks on LGBTQ+ communities they’ve leveraged in recent years. Anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is escalating and under Republican leadership, the safety of LGBTQ+ people is at stake. Efforts to stigmatize, isolate, and erase LGBTQ+ folks from our nation’s past and present will only be stopped by Democrats. 

GOP attacks on gun safety

Last year, we saw every single Democratic majority in the country take action to address gun violence and advance legislation to make their communities safer. In stark contrast, Republicans continue to do the exact opposite:

GOP attacks on democracy + voting rights

From perpetuating lies about the 2020 election to limiting access to the ballot box, Republicans in states across the country are continuing to advance legislation that threatens our democracy. While Democrats scored important wins in 2022 and 2023 to help stave off these attacks, it is clear that bills to restrict voting and weaken our democratic institutions will keep coming as long as Republicans hold majorities in state legislatures.

Kentucky Republicans advanced a bill to prohibit college students from using their student ID as a valid identification to vote in state elections.  Republicans are increasingly out of touch with the priorities of young voters, and instead of improving their policies, they’re on a rampant crusade to tamp down  Gen-Z’s access to the polls.