DLCC Spotlights Five More Nevada Legislative Candidates

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is announcing five more Nevada Spotlight candidates who will bring policy-making expertise and bold visions for the future to the legislature. From the returning Assembly speaker pro tempore to passionate community advocates, these candidates are ready to employ their diverse backgrounds to fight for all Nevadans. The DLCC is excited to support these candidates as they work to protect Democratic progress in Nevada.

“We are thrilled to spotlight these impressive Nevada candidates and showcase the incredible skill and leadership they bring to the legislature,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “While Nevada Republicans have spent the past year pushing election lies and cozying up with extremist groups, Democrats in the state made a historic investment into high-quality education, helped solidify Nevada as a leader in clean and renewable energy, removed barriers to the ballot box, and improved access to affordable health care. These new and returning leaders are the building blocks for the bright future Democrats are building for all Nevadans.”

The following Spotlight candidates represent the best of the best in Nevada and are valuable assets to the legislature:

The DLCC is committed to defending Democratic legislative majorities in 2022, including in Nevada, where the midterm cycle is shaping up to be a top battleground for all levels of the ballot. The Battle Born state will be slammed with GOP election lies and fearmongering from now until November, but a diverse, qualified group of Democratic incumbents and first-time candidates will help defend our legislative majority and continue to work hard for all Nevadans.