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DLCC Spotlights New Hampshire Democratic Legislative Candidates

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is announcing 20 Spotlight candidates from New Hampshire who are ready to push back against the MAGA GOP and Free Stater agenda and fight for fully-funded public education, lower energy costs, and reproductive rights for Granite Staters. New Hampshire Republicans, on the other hand, voted to consider a six-week abortion ban in the House and blocked codifying abortion rights at the state level in the Senate earlier this month. House Republicans continue to be led in part by House Majority Leader Jason Osborne, a Free Stater who recently came under fire for posting racial slurs and even questioning the need for age of consent laws. New Hampshire Democrats and these incredible Spotlight candidates for General Court are standing against extremism and hate, proudly fighting for the rights of individuals and families across the state. 

“This November, New Hampshire Republicans are putting forward a slate of GOP Free Staters and anti-abortion MAGA Republicans that are wildly out of step with the “Live Free or Die” state,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “With so much at stake, we are so excited to have such amazing candidates to take on GOP extremism, cut costs for New Hampshire families, and secure reproductive rights across the Granite State. New Hampshire’s GOP has been overtaken by Free Staters and the MAGA movement, advocating for eroding abortion rights, pushing anti-LGBTQ and anti-workers’ rights legislation, and even entertaining seceding from the union. But make no mistake, the DLCC’s New Hampshire Spotlight candidates are ready to fight for freedom in the Granite State.”

The following Spotlight candidates are strong leaders in the state and will fight for their constituents in the legislature:

Edith Tucker (SD-1)Renee Murphy (Cheshire-17)
Matt McLaughlin (SD-9)David Paige (Carroll-1)
Shannon Chandley (SD-11)Greg Sargent (Merrimack-7)
Melanie Levesque (SD-12)Eamon Kelley (Coos-7)
June Trisciani (SD-16)Jordan Applewhite (Grafton-1)
Debra Altschiller (SD-24)Erica de Vries (Rockingham-40)
Catherine Rombeau (Hillsborough-2)Jason Bourne (Sullivan-7)
Rosemarie Rung (Hillsborough-12)
Nancy Murphy (Hillsborough-12)
Wendy Thomas (Hillsborough-12)
Ben Ming (Hillsborough-35)
Megan Murray (Hillsborough-37)
Karen Calabro (Hillsborough-45)

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