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Latest News in Georgia

  • GA Republican Proposes Dangerous Bill Protecting Sex Offenders

    From March 5, 2014:

    State Rep. Sam Moore (R-Macedonia) was sworn into the Georgia legislature just last week and already has proposed an alarming bill that puts residents in danger -- and according to him, there are more bills to come.

    Barely a week into his tenure, Moore proposed HB 1033 in an attempt to undo the state's loitering laws, which help protect Georgia schools and day care centers from sex offenders. His bill would strip authority from police officers who believe a loiterer is posing a danger to children in a public setting. In defending the law, Moore claimed it should be school's responsibility to protect the children, not the legislature's. State Democrats were quick to condemn his proposal.

    “This is what the Georgia Republican Party has come to,” said Democratic Chairman DuBose Porter. “And this is why they’re in trouble.”

    One Democratic operative joked on Twitter that as of Friday, her party had garnered all of the attack footage it would need for all of the fall campaigns.

  • Georgia GOP lawmakers seek to take away the right of voters to choose US Senators

    From February 20, 2013:

    Several Georgia Republican lawmakers think that politicians know best when it comes to selecting United States Senators. According to The Huffington Post, "A group of Republican state lawmakers in Georgia wants to end direct election of United States senators and return the power to state legislatures."

    According to the text of the resolution, "repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment would help to prevent the many unfunded mandates and unconstitutional laws passed onto those states by the federal government."

  • New analysis predicts bright future for Georgia Dems

    Pollsters Zac McCrary and Brian Stryker of Anzalone Liszt Grove Research published a detailed new report in HuffPost Pollster about the rapidly-approaching future of Peach State politics - and how trends there could reshape national elections for decades to come.  Their conclusion:  Democrats are ascendant, and national Republicans should be very, very worried.

    Here's a sampling:  "Georgia is not only among the more competitive GOP-leaning states, but also has become more competitive each of the last two cycles. John Kerry's share of the vote in Georgia lagged his national vote share by 6.9 percentage points....  In 2008, Obama narrowed that gap by a full percentage point to a 5.9 percent disparity... and Obama's 2012 Georgia performance came even closer to his nationwide vote share (5.57 percent vs. national)."

  • GA State Rep.: Theres No Such Thing as a Rape Victim

    U.S. House Republicans have received a great deal of attention over the past week since seeking to qualify the crime of rape with the term “forcible” in a high-profile piece of legislation.